The technology behind prosthetic limbs evolved exponentially over the last few years. This means so much for amputees who can finally live life to its fullest. At Eastside Orthotics Prosthetics, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality prosthetic limbs in Portland.

What are the different types of prosthetic limbs?

A prosthesis is a synthetic or artificial replacement for a missing limb, tooth, or bone as a result of congenital disability, accident, or disease. They can be either cosmetic (just present for visual purposes without serving a function) or functional. Prosthetic limbs are available for every major limb in the body such as hands, arms, and legs. Prosthetic limbs can either replace the entire limb or just a part of the limb.

For legs, there are the BK (transtibial) and AK (transfemoral) prosthetic limbs. BK stands for Below the Knee, and the prosthetic replaces a missing lower leg, attaching to the existing upper leg. AK stands for Above the Knee, replacing the entire leg, both the upper and lower parts while also including a prosthetic knee.

There are also prosthetics for the hands and arms. There’s the BE (transradial) or Below the Elbow, which replaces a missing forearm. There’s also a corresponding AE or Above the Elbow where the prosthetic replaces your entire arm. Hence, it also includes a prosthetic elbow joint.

Factors that affect your choice of prosthetic

Numerous factors come into play when picking the appropriate prosthetic for your situation. Obviously, this depends on which limb you want to replace and how bad the damage is. If the remaining part of the limb is in good condition, especially the joint, you can just replace a section of your limb. However, if the joint (either elbow or knee) is in bad shape, you’ll have to replace the entire limb.

Secondly, your physical activity level matters a lot, because it affects the biomechanical features your prosthetic needs. If you enjoy professional sports or physically intense hobbies, you’ll need a different prosthetic than someone who’s more sedentary. We provide prosthetic limbs in Portland for various demographics, whether you’re a veteran, professional athlete or lead a normal life with normal activities.

What is life like living with a prosthetic limb?

Prosthetic limbs require careful and regular maintenance to function well. You’ll also need to pay good attention to the amputation site, to prevent inflammations and infections that could cause more problems. Additionally, your doctor will recommend physical exercises or stretches that will help your body adjust to moving with a prosthetic limb.

You should always remove the prosthesis before sleeping. Pay attention to the device to see if there are faulty parts or damage. Also, examine the skin near the amputation site. See if there are wounds or any signs of inflammation and irritation.

Are you looking for a prosthetics provider that is reputable and known for their commitment? Eastside Orthotics Prosthetics provides some of the most technically advanced prosthetic limbs in Portland.

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