Deciding to get a prosthetic device is life-changing! Let us help you with this journey. Eastside Orthotics Prosthetics is one of the top prosthetic leg companies in Portland. Our qualified team of certified prosthetists will create a state-of-the-art device for you that helps you live a more mobile life.

What is a prosthetic limb?

Prosthetic limbs are artificial devices that an individual uses in place of an arm or leg. Individuals who use those devices are missing at least one limb or part of a limb. You are eligible for a prosthesis regardless of why you no longer have the leg. Prosthetics limbs serve an invaluable purpose for the people who use them. It allows a person to maintain a more conventional appearance as well as live a more normal life.

The earliest examples of prosthetic devices are in history books as far back as 500 B.C. with the discovery of a notation in a written text alluding to an artificial limb. A mummy dated to 710 B.C had a wooden toe when discovered. The man credited with inventing artificial limbs was Douglas Bly with an anatomical leg in 1858. There had been several other iterations of a prosthesis before, but this was the first to resemble a natural leg. The field has continued to evolve from there to the fantastic creations we have now.

What does a prosthetic limb do?

A prosthetic limb functions where your natural limb used to be. You could have a prosthesis regardless if you lost your leg through a defect or an injury. Your device works as an aid so you can continue with activities. An individual can live without a prosthesis; it’s not a requirement to get one. Other devices can help the individual resume daily activities, like wheelchairs or crutches. However, using a prosthetic device enables the person to participate in activities without the need for those additional devices.

A prosthesis has significantly evolved since the earliest devices fashioned from wood. The evolution of the device has taken them from wood, metal, or rubber, to modern devices that are high-quality plastics. Advanced prosthetics enable the user to do more than just function in daily activities. Modern artificial limbs allow the user to play sports and run in sporting events, even the Olympics. All the top prosthetic leg companies in Portland can create the most modern devices for you.

Types of prosthetic devices

A prosthesis is highly customizable these days. The basis of the design of your device is the spot the amputation took place. While there can be several variations based on where the amputation took place, the basics are as follows:

For upper body prosthetics:

  • Fingers
  • Below the wrist
  • Below the elbow
  • Above the elbow
  • From the shoulder down

For legs the categorization will be similar:

  • Toes
  • Below the ankle
  • Below the knee
  • Above the knee
  • From the hip down

Prosthetic devices have made such incredible advances over the years. Contact us at Eastern Orthotic Prosthetic. Let one of the top prosthetic leg companies in Portland create your custom device today.

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