It is crucial to have your prosthesis designed perfectly. Otherwise, you could experience a great deal of discomfort. Contact Eastside Orthotics Prosthetics today. We have the experience necessary to create an amazing device for you. We are one of the best prosthetic limb companies in Portland.

Why get a prosthetic leg?

A personal missing a leg most certainly is mobile. They do not need the leg to complete daily activities. However, getting a prosthetic leg provides a way to enhance their ability to complete daily activities. The quality of a prosthesis currently is so good you can’t always tell the difference between a natural leg or a prosthesis.

There are several health benefits arising with a prosthetic leg. The biggest one is that it allows you to walk freely without any assistance. Those who do not have a prosthesis need some type of device that aids them with walking. The next substantial benefit is the positive psychological impact. Someone who had both legs function may struggle with having only one (or none). Having the ability to be mobile has a significant impact on their psychological health.

How do I get a prosthetic leg?

Your first step for getting your prosthesis is meeting with a certified prosthetist. They will evaluate you to make sure you are a candidate for an artificial limb. The critical issue they assess is – do you have enough tissue left in that area and is that skin in good condition? Another factor they consider is whether the area where the device will be in substantial pain. If the residual limb that remains post-amputation is in constant pain, a prosthesis isn’t going to make that situation better.

Your prosthetist will begin by taking the measurements of the area and making a mold. It is crucial to get this right. Adjustments are a given when dealing with a prosthesis, but no one wants to have to make a whole new device. There will be a temporary prosthetic placed as well until you get your final casting. There are continued adjustments after you get the final product, but from start to finish, it takes about 3-6 weeks to get the final cast of your leg. All the top prosthetic limb companies in Portland adhere to these guidelines.

Potential complications with a prosthetic leg

Having a prosthetic can be enjoyable as it helps an individual regain some mobility and independence. But the process is not without risks. A few issues you could encounter are as follows:

  • Phantom pain in what remains of the original limb
  • Weakness in the original limb
  • Change in the shape of the residual limb (aka the remaining limb)

Your prosthetist can help you with any issues and complications you have with the limb.

To find out if a prosthesis is right for you, make an appointment today with us at Eastside Orthotic Prosthetics. We are one of the top-ranked prosthetic limb companies in Portland, and we are waiting to serve you.

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