When shopping for an AFO Orthotic, you want the most reliable device on the market. Look no farther than the team at Eastside Orthotics Prosthetics. We have a team of highly trained prosthetists that can craft and fit you with the highest quality AFO Orthotics in Portland.

What is an AFO Orthotic?

AFO stands for an ankle-foot orthosis. This device supports the ankles, compensates for weakness in the leg and muscles, or helps correct a deformity. These devices are one of the most common on the market, comprising over 26% of all orthotic device sales. You can purchase an AFO off the shelf, or you can opt for a custom made device. An AFO stabilizes the gait of the person wearing the device, which makes them less like to catch their toe or foot on something, trip, and then injure themselves.

Think of an AFO as a type of splint. When you wear the device, it holds the structures of the foot and ankle in place, providing you stability while you walk. The device allows that user to continue a regular routine and have an issue-free gait. This device works well in children struggling with gait issues or a condition called hemiplegia. Hemiplegia can also be called “tip-toe” walking.

Types of AFOs

AFO’s fall into three different categories based on design or material composition. These categories are as follows:

  1. Carbon Fiber AFO’s- carbon fiber is extremely lightweight and decently flexible. It is also known for being durable. This device material works best for a patient with an active lifestyle.
  2. Swedish AFOs-this style of AFO has the reputation of being breathable so a user should have less sweat on the leg and foot while wearing this device. The calf and heel are not closed during the design process to achieve this effect. This version of AFO is heat-moldable so that you can customize it.
  3. Traditional Plastic AFO’s-these were the first version of AFO’s on the market. They lack the breathability, flexibility, and lightweight feel of other devices. However, these devices are widely available and can also use heat to customize them. They are great for a patient who is only using an AFO for a short amount of time.

Any reputable clinic that produces and sells AFO Orthotics in Portland will offer you this full range of options.

How are you fitted for your AFO?

To create a custom AFO, you first need to make an appointment with a clinician. That clinician will take several measurements and may even need to make a cast or mold of the affected area. Some clinics can skip those steps and use a laser scanning system for increased precision. After a few weeks, you will come back and pick up your device. Make sure to test it out and see if it needs any adjustments.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today at Eastside Orthotics Prosthetics. These are the best AFO Orthotics in Portland, and we can create one that is perfect for your needs and lifestyle.

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