The choice to use a prosthetic is momentous. To ensure that you are getting the highest quality product, look no further than Eastside Orthotics Prosthetics. We create the best prosthetic hand in Portland. We use state-of-the-art technology to complete a product that fits your needs.

How does a prosthetic hand works?

The basic premise of a prosthetic hand is for it to mimic the functions of your natural hand. While it can never truly compensate for the loss, the versions currently on the market can come pretty darn close. A prosthetic hand does more than look like a hand but not function. Modern technology gives prosthetics a wide range of varieties and abilities.

Once you decide that a prosthesis is the right choice for you, you meet with a prosthetist. They discuss with you what options are available to you. They also exam the area where your device would go to ensure you are a good candidate for said device and what devices you can choose from. Once those conversations take place, they make a mold for your device. It can take 3-6 weeks for the completion of your device. Once complete, it can take several more sessions with your prosthetist to ensure the prosthesis is correct and make any needed adjustments.

Types of prosthetic hands

As stated earlier, prosthetic devices have come a long way from hands that didn’t function. For those looking for a prosthetic hand in Portland, these options are available.

  • Passive prosthesis – These devices serve a purpose but lack significant functionality. With these devices, you cannot grab onto objects, but they can help the user perform select everyday tasks. They can also match the user’s skin tone.
  • Body powered prosthesis – The devices have a more comprehensive range of functionality and can grab objects. They obtain their power from the strength of the user’s body to operate. For a user looking for higher functionality, these can be terrific options. The only drawback is that they do not look like the user’s hand.
  • Electrically powered prosthesis – With these devices, there are tiny motors located inside the fingers that work to create motion. The motors work in tandem with electrodes and the patient’s muscles to exert movement. These devices offer the fullest range of motion and can most closely mimic the motions of a natural hand. These devices, however, look the least like a natural hand.

What device should I choose?

That decision rests with you, your family, and your medical team. For some patients, the function is not the most important thing; it’s the cosmetic look of a hand. For others, they do not care that their new hand appears robotic-like. They need to be able to grab things and perform activities they could do before the loss of their hand.

Regardless of the style of device you are in the market for, our professionals at Eastside Orthotics Prosthetics can help you find the best device for your needs. We can aid you in getting the best prosthetic hand in Portland.

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