Are you a lower limb amputee? Are you going to lose a lower limb soon and began looking for an artificial leg in Portland? Eastside Orthotics Prosthetics allows you to regain your mobility by providing you with state of the art prosthetic legs.

Things you need to know before getting an artificial leg

Prosthetic legs can help you get around quickly, and can even function and look like the real thing. However, getting the prosthetic is subject to a few considerations since not every amputee is a good candidate for it. Some of the things you need to consider, and which we discuss with you when assessing your suitability for an artificial leg, include:

  • If there is enough soft tissue on the residual leg to protect the bone remaining
  • The severity of the pain you are in
  • What condition the limb’s skin is in
  • The range of motion the remaining limb is in
  • If the other leg is healthy
  • Your level of activity before losing the leg
  • The type of amputation and the reason behind it
  • The level of mobility you would like to achieve

All these are important because they address the health of your residual leg, and whether it can comfortably accept a prosthetic without causing further damage and pain. After establishing your suitability for a prosthetic, we fit you with an artificial leg that best addresses your condition and needs. Once you get your prosthetic leg, you will need rehabilitation to build up strength in your legs and arms as you learn to move around with the new leg.

Why should I get an artificial leg in Portland?

An artificial leg because will not only restore your mobility but also allow you to rely less on others and regain your independence. Yes, many people with artificial legs get to live a full life again. You can enjoy activities like hiking, water sports, motorsports, etc. The possibilities are endless. Although you may need some modifications depending on the activity, missing a leg should not hold you back from achieving your dreams.

There are many different success stories of award-winning athletes, successful business owners, and other prominent professionals starring different kinds of amputees. We know that a positive attitude may not come easily after losing a limb. It is, however, the fuel that drives many people in similar situations to defy the odds and achieve spectacular feats. This is possible for you too.

How long will my artificial leg last?

This largely depends on your age, growth, type, and length of activities you indulge in: they usually last from months to years. After adjusting your artificial leg comfortably, you will only require maintenance and minor repairs, and the leg can serve you for up to five years.

Are you looking for an artificial leg in Portland? You are in the right place. At Eastside Orthotics Prosthetics, we have vast experience in prosthetics and are committed to ensuring you receive the best quality care possible.

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