With our artificial limbs in Portland, at Eastside Orthotics Prosthetics, you gain more than mobility, trust in yourself, and physical and mental independence.

Benefits of using artificial limbs

One of the main stress factors after amputation is the devastation of losing your ability to function independently. Losing your limb, however, is not the end of your functionality. Our artificial limbs greatly aid your rehabilitation, helping you get back functionality in those limbs. We provide you with the best quality prosthetic that enables you to get back your dignity by being more independent.

Our artificial limbs give you a boost in confidence and make you have a better psychological outlook in life. They allow you to experience a sense of normalcy which you may not have known was possible after the amputation. You’re less self-conscious and blend in better with the crowd with them on. You also expend less energy when using artificial legs, than when using other walking devices such as wheelchairs and crutches.

How does the artificial limb fitting process go?

We first cast and compress the remaining portion of the residual limb using a compression sleeve. This helps it to mold the stump and tissues to a shape that will easily fit into the socket of the limb. The cast we get from the sleeve then enables us to create a customized limb for you.

We do all this after carefully considering your medical and functional needs. Your comfort and full function is our utmost goal, and that is why we make constant measurements and adjustments, ensuring the socket fits you perfectly. During this process, you will work with a physical therapist that will help you learn how to best use the artificial limb.

How should I care for my artificial limbs?

You get the best out of your artificial limbs in Portland by taking care of both the amputation site and the limb itself. You can do this by:

  • Removing the prosthetic before sleeping. Examine the limb daily for any signs of damage as well as any signs of irritation.
  • Clean the stump daily, apply a small amount of lotion on it, and massage. Shower nightly if possible because the warm water and the standing may cause the stump to swell and fit improperly in the socket
  • When not wearing the artificial limb, wrap it in a bandage to prevent swelling
  • Examine the skin around the stump regularly for any wounds or sores
  • Perform your regular physical exercise as recommended
  • Clean the socket of the limb periodically using soap and water
  • Always wear dry socks with the artificial leg. Also, avoid changing your heel height as most only fit a particular heel

Maintaining stable body weight is crucial. Since the prosthetic is custom made for you at the current weight, a change in weight will necessitate another fitting since the socket will no longer fit your stump. Eastside Orthotics Prosthetics recommends servicing your artificial limbs in Portland at least twice every year to ensure it is, and remains, in good working condition.

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