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How much does a prosthetic arm cost?

Prices will vary from clinic to clinic. The amount will also depend on if you have insurance and how much they will cover. For an arm that is cosmetic and nonfunctioning, for an uninsured patient, the bill should be less than $5000. The prices will increase from there based on what the patients want and can afford.

Arms that function and end with a hook are approximately $10,000. The next style of arm is a myoelectric arm. You control these arms with your own muscle movements, and they also come with a functioning hand. These can cost upwards of $100,000. All prices are before any insurance coverage.

How often should you replace your prosthetic arm?

With proper care, a high-quality prosthesis can last several years. After that amount of time, some wear and tear will be evident on the device. Arms not used for more than necessary daily activities will have the longest life span. It is also possible that the size of your residual limb has changed. This will necessitate the need for a new device. Any prosthetic is a high-quality device since our clinic only builds the highest quality prosthetic arm in Portland.

It is also possible that once your device wears out, you may conclude that it may not be the style of equipment you want or need. It is always possible that a user may want to step down to a more basic type of prosthesis or try moving up to one with more functionality. Only they can decide that.

Cleaning your prosthetic

Even though it’s not a natural limb, a prosthesis still needs cleaning. Clean your device nightly. These are the steps you take.

  • After taking off your device, wipe the inside of the socket with a damp soapy cloth. You do not want too much water; it will just sit inside the device. Wipe out the socket to remove dead skin cells and bacteria.
  • Hand wash your silicone liners and prosthetic sock in cool water with gentle soap and let them dry overnight.
  • Any dirt on the skin part of your device clean with a Magic Eraser.
  • Clean your residual limb daily with antibacterial soap.

If you do not keep your prosthetic and residual limb clean, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. This serves no purpose but irritating your residual limb. You do not want to experience issues with your residual limb, as that can damage your ability to use your prosthesis.

Do not delay any longer! Contact the team at Eastside Orthotic Prosthetic today. We highly trained professionals who will cast the most excellent prosthetic arm in Portland for you!

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