Stryker 1488

The 1488 system uses the CMOS technology with premium optics that offer a bright, clear image and cross-specialty standardization. Our Stryker 1488 system enables nine surgical specialty settings. Innovators in medical optics comprehend the power of detail, sight, color, and the strength of clarity brought by precise engineering.

1488 is a culmination of over three decades of product evolution. It has a massive impact on medical practices since it advances imaging performance and enables better outcomes and diagnoses. It has improved image and advanced color separation, giving more significant detail levels in an endoscopic camera compared to its predecessors. The camera also offers nine various modes that cater to surgical specialty settings. It is a microscope, laser, arthroscopy, and ENT skull settings. The product pushes the envelope further by incorporating software and hardware design that ensures a good performance of the products.

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