Sports Medicine Doctor Marble Falls

People may seek out the help of a sports medicine doctor in Marble Falls for several reasons. There might be a chronic disease that keeps you from reaching your fitness goals, or there could have been an injury that is limiting your mobility. Whatever the reasons might be, selecting the best sports medicine specialists in Marble Falls will ensure you get the care you deserve. This is a personal decision, but there are several things you can consider when selecting the right team for sports medicine treatment.

  1. Always Get Referrals – It is a good idea to talk with your primary care physician initially to get a solid list of sports medicine doctors in the area. This is also a time to speak to family, co-workers, friends, and other providers to see who they recommend. It is always important that you take plenty of time to research credentials and other factors so that you can narrow down the list even further.
  2. Looking at Credentials – As mentioned, credentials are crucial when finding sports medicine and physical therapy help. You need to look at board certification and training to know the Marble Falls orthopedic surgeons you are considering can provide the best possible care. You may also want to look further to ensure there have been no disciplinary actions or malpractice claims put against them.
  3. Experience is Paramount – Whenever you have health issues that are mobility or exercise-related, you need someone with experience. The more skilled sports medicine doctors near Marble Falls, TX, are, the better chance you have of full recovery with little or no complications.
  4. Services Offered – Quality of care goes a long way when looking for a sports medicine doctor in Marble Falls. Facility quality is also important because you need to know that you are working with a team surrounded by the best equipment and the latest technology. Take some time to discuss all of the services offered and find out how many times the doctor has worked with a patient like you dealing with the same injury or illness.
  5. Insurance Coverage – This is something many people often overlook, but you want to double-check to see if you have insurance coverage for the services you require. You can contact the team you are interested in working with to see if they accept your insurance. From there, you will find out about any deductibles, costs, or additional fees that may be required throughout the time that you are seeing them for care. In some instances, you may also be able to file for some financial assistance to ensure your needs are met without a tremendous financial burden.

If you are hoping to find the best sports medicine doctor in Marble Falls, look to us at Phillips Orthopedic Associates. We work to serve and heal all of our patients and strive to provide quality care for sports injuries and other orthopedic concerns. To set up a time for a tour, schedule a visit, or learn more about our services, call us today (830) 990-0991.

Sports Medicine Doctor Marble Falls

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Sports Medicine Doctor Marble Falls

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