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Senior Care Ames

Northridge village for senior care in Ames is dedicated to helping your loved ones with any age-related problems and other issues caused by the passage of time. We have highly skilled professionals who are ready, willing, and able to make sure that our facilities provide a comfortable living environment where residents can live out their remaining years without being worried about anything except what's ahead on each day's journey.

Why More People Are Trusting Us With The Care Of Their Aging Loved Ones?

Comfortable Environment:

With good odors that are pleasant and not overwhelming, our Ames senior care village provides a comfortable environment for family members to visit their aging loved ones. We try hard at making the area as home-like as possible with shady areas so they can enjoy sitting outdoors safely while enjoying views of Ames.

Person-Centered Living:

We don't want to force our patients into a strict schedule. If they feel like waking up early in the morning, we let them! We offer customizable plans that meet individual needs and allow each patient freedom over their daily routine so as not to disrupt any of those happy moments with friends or family members who visit during off-hours.

24/7 Supervision:

For aging adults, especially those who require supervision, our staff is highly qualified and trained. They are always on duty to assist patients with their needs no matter what day of the week it may be. Our caregivers provide proper care for all types of individuals which makes us a one-stop-shop!


The care team is committed to making sure that patients have a proper and healthy schedule. We offer educational, social, or physical activities which are somewhat necessary for them not just mentally but also physically in order to make their body fit both now as well into old age with more knowledge about the future challenges they may face while staying active at all times! Music can be an important part of it since we know how much people love listening from time to time (even if only when alone).

Excellent Food:

As the aging population continues to grow, seniors need a more nutritious diet. At our rehab facility, we provide fresh and high-quality meals that you can enjoy while chattering with others in your age group. Upon request for specific diets plans are taken care of by us!


Spoil your loved one with our luxurious assisted living facility. We offer the best amenities in Ames, Iowa including spa treatments and libraries! They'll feel pampered from head to toe when they're properly groomed by our experts or have access to various therapies so that successful rehabilitation can happen at its finest form without any problems going unnoticed on their end. 


Our staff is there to take care of your loved one when your day is done and give medication management support. We provide an on-site laundry service that's tailored for each person as well!

Your loved ones deserve the best care, and we're here for them. With all of our luxurious facilities to ensure that your mum or dad are safe in their senior years with quality conversation—we'll engage you on how they can live a happy life too!

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