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Telemedicine has become an essential part of everyday life with the ongoing pandemic. If you’re in a high-risk group, it’s not advisable to make a trip to the doctor’s office; instead, telehealth is an option you should consider. At Instant Urgent Care, we are a patient-focused health facility that offers telemedicine appointments to all our patients. When you make an appointment with us, you can be sure you’ll get second to none San Diego urgent care.

A Comprehensive Guide to Telemedicine Urgent Care Treatment in San Diego

We are the best San Diego CA walk-in clinic, and here is a guide to using our telemedicine services:

  1. Find A Telemedicine Urgent Care Clinic

If you’re feeling unwell, the first step is to find an urgent care facility that offers telemedicine services. When you get an urgent care clinic in San Diego, California, that matches your needs, call the office to make an appointment. We have telemedicine appointment times listed on our website, and you can call us to book your appointment.

  1. Get the Necessary Health Information
  • To get the best from your telemedicine visit, take time to write down your symptoms and medications that you may be taking; for instance, over the counter pain medication for your headache.
  • Track your vital signs; for example, check your temperature and blood pressure. When receiving telemedicine from our urgent care clinic in San Diego, California, our providers will want to know whether you have been tested for COVID-19, the results and whether anyone else in your home is sick.
  • Get your insurance ready, and if you’re a former patient at our hospital in San Diego, have your patient number with you so that the doctor can easily access your information.
  1. Make Sure the Technology is Ready
  • Decide whether you’re going to be using your tablet, smartphone, or computer. Make sure that the device you choose to use is fully charged or plugged in so that your appointment isn’t cut short when the device goes off unexpectedly.
  • Ensure that you have a reliable internet connection. That way, your call won’t be interrupted, and you’ll have seamless communication with your doctor. Make sure that the camera and the microphone are working so that the provider can see you clearly, and you can hear each other. Find a comfortable, private, and quiet place to sit. Also, have a pen and paper to make notes during the call.
  1. During the Call

During your call for non-emergency treatment in San Diego, CA, speak audibly, answer the doctor’s questions honestly, and take notes of the doctor’s recommendations. The doctor can give you a prescription through telemedicine. Usually, telemedicine providers need to have at least one in-office visit before prescribing controlled substances such as opioids to patients. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the DEA has waived that requirement.

Get the Best Telemedicine Urgent Care Now

At Instant Urgent Care, we’re a premier telemedicine urgent care facility. We are patient-centered, and our team is friendly, compassionate, highly experienced, and trained. If you’re looking for San Diego urgent care, visit our facility today or fill out our simple online form.

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