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Stockton Nursing Center is the most sought-after rehabilitation hospital in Stockton, CA, with world-class amenities, highly effective rehab services, and the best staff team. We take the utmost care of our seniors and ensure that they spend a pain-free and fulfilling retirement life.

Benefits of cognitive training

The decline in cognitive skills and memory is one of the common symptoms of aging. Also, patients who suffer from neurocognitive disorders and mental health disorders can overcome the challenges of day to day living and the symptoms of their condition with regular cognitive training and occupational therapy. These therapies help improve learning, memory, problem-solving, and perception in patients. Patients who suffer from delirium, dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc. suffer from deficits in cognitive abilities and lose their language and memory as the condition progresses.

With the help of cognitive training, these patients can lead a safe and better quality of life. As a part of our cognitive training program, we teach patients how to be more independent, and we constantly engage their minds with various mind games and activities to sharpen their cognitive abilities and memory. Seniors who suffer from a decline in mental functions such as thinking, decision making, reasoning, and frontotemporal degeneration, can overcome their shortcomings and lead a productive life with regular participation in speech and occupational therapy and cognitive training. We offer highly effective cognitive training at our rehabilitation hospital in Stockton, CA.

Importance of medication management in post-op recovery

It can be overwhelming and stressful to follow through with regular and timely intake of medications, especially when you are on multiple drugs and tablets. Failing to take your medicines on time can impede recovery and lead to more severe health complications. Sometimes seniors may forgetfully take extra doses of a pill or drug due, and this can lead to fatal consequences.

At our facility, we have a committed team of staff that monitor, supervise, and administer the timely intake of medications by our residents. By ensuring that our residents and seniors take their medications on time, we help keep them on the right track and help them attain their treatment and healthcare goals. Due to proper and timely intake of medications, the number of emergency room visits and episodes of hospitalization by our residents and seniors is extremely low.

Taking care of a surgical wound

If you recently had surgery, make sure to keep the wound clean and dry to aid in healing. Do not panic if you see your wound draining out any fluids in the first few days after your surgery. Just make sure to change the wet and soaked up bandages from time to time to keep the wound clean and infection-free. Until your stitches are clear for removal, avoid letting the wound open during showers or refrain from getting the area wet.

It is also normal for skin in that area to peel out after surgery. Your doctor may prescribe a petrolatum ointment, which you must apply on the wound regularly to improve healing and to overcome any discomfort in the area. If you witness any redness, pain, swelling, or symptoms of an infection in the wound, contact your doctor immediately. We offer excellent wound care at our rehabilitation facility.

To enjoy the best-skilled nursing care and support, speak to one of us at the Stockton Nursing Center today. We are a top-rated rehabilitation hospital in Stockton, CA, with highly rewarding physical therapy, cardio therapy, cognitive training, and occupational therapy programs.

Rehabilitation Hospital Stockton Ca

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Rehabilitation Hospital Stockton Ca

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