Riverbank House has the best rehab centers in NH, and there are five core features that show why:

1. Promoting long-term residential care

Our facility offers the standard 28-day inpatient treatment, but our real focus is on the 90-day program and its many benefits. Long-term residential treatment is more effective at combating addiction by helping patients develop a stable and healthy living routine. The 28-day program is only reliable when it comes to combating the withdrawal and preventing short-term relapse, but the rehab’s success depends on more than that.

Our long-term residential care has helped numerous addiction victims quit their addictive behaviors and regain their self-control and stability along the way.

2. Our 4-point philosophy

Our top rehab centers in New Hampshire function based on a 4-point philosophy, as follows:

  1. Any reliable treatment should include long-term care
  2. Addressing addiction’s physical damages is essential for treatment success
  3. The ideal rehab treatment should consider a multidisciplinary approach to recovery
  4. Practicing your newfound sobriety management skills in a safe community is key to successful recovery

These four principles guide our NH alcohol treatment centers and help patients adapt to a clean and sober lifestyle post-rehab. It is this philosophy that’s responsible for our treatment’s success over the years.

3. Holistic healing modalities

Holistic healing refers to treating the body, mind, and spirit via a multilateral and comprehensive approach. The treatment that embodies the holistic principles the best is the SOLO NO MORE program that treats patients holistically for a smooth recovery process. The program’s goals include addressing addiction’s physical, neurological, emotional, and spiritual damages, reprogram the brain’s damaged circuitry, aid with natural dopamine release, etc.

The SOLO NO MORE program is one of many modalities available during our best long-term addiction programs in New Hampshire, representing the core of our recovery philosophy.

4. Career training and employment experience

The reason why so many recovering addicts fail their sobriety test in the year following rehab is the lack of structure and purpose. Most recovering addicts have no idea where they’re heading or what to do with their lives once completing the rehabilitation treatment. They will soon experience the same pitfalls and resume their substance abuse behavior shortly. Our career training program provides patients with a purpose after leaving our drug and alcohol rehab center.

The program teaches responsibility, discipline, and empowerment, helping patients craft their own path in life. All we do is steer their energy in the right direction.

5. The recovery neighborhood

We are not a simple NH drug and alcohol rehab center but a recovery community, providing access to numerous amenities in an outpatient setting. Our rehab centers in NH provide patients access to multiple Victorian-style recovery homes, a dry dock, a recreational center, a fitness and yoga studio, and even an island.

Our recovery neighborhood promotes community and bonding, helping the Riverbank House patients to reintegrate into society and become independent and healthy. You can discuss with our rehab professionals at 877-533-9115 for details about our programs, rehab centers in NH, and payment options and insurance.

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