Protein Production Service

Novatein Biosciences also offers high quality and excellent recombinant protein production services. Our company uses efficient expression strategies; you should get in touch if you are looking for a company to works with the fastest turnaround time. We offer a wide variety of protein production services including gene cloning, gene expression, protein purification, protein identification, and codon optimization and cDNA synthesis. All you need to do is to provide the accession number or amino acid sequence to get us started with your request. You can also send your expression vector. We would then proceed with the codon optimization or the cDNA synthesis. The next process is to clone sequence into a selected vector.

We then go on to use sequencing to confirm the insert sequence. After which there is the transformation, transduction, or transfection of the expression vector into a selected host. We use the expression test to determine the size and level of the protein. The next process is to purify the protein and the document the protein product. Then your product is ready for your collection. You can express your protein in bacterial cells, mammalian cells, and insect cells. Our company does not only express the protein in ELISA, but we also express the protein in a functional, SDS-PAGE, and Western analysis.

What is Protein Production?

Proteins are essential elements of human life such that they control vital molecules such as carbon dioxide and oxygen. Proteins also provide structure to living organisms and also act as antibodies. The process of generating a specific protein is called protein production. There are various protein production systems, and this includes cell-based systems, bacterial systems, eukaryotic systems, and cell-free systems.

Our Services

Novatein Biosciences also offer inclusion body purification and refolding with preferred or typical protocols. Our services also include protein purification. With protein purification, the degree of purification depends on its intended use. If the protein is intended for food and pharmaceutical purposes, the purification level should be high. A high purification level means the protein should be well purified. With some other purposes, there is no need to purify the protein to a high degree. There are many steps in protein purification. However, every method reduces the product. Due to this, protein purification scientists choose processes with fewer steps. Fewer steps will reduce the amount of product that will waste away.

The first step in protein purification is to prepare the crude extract. The crude extract usually contains other proteins and nutrients. For some purposes, they can use the crude extract in that state. However, if you want to purify the protein to a higher degree, then you would need to proceed to the next process. Most scientists use the precipitation process to refine proteins further. Scientists use the ammonium sulfate to remove nucleic acids from the crude extract.

We are capable of running affinity chromatography, ion exchange chromatography, hydrophobic interaction chromatography, immunoaffinity chromatography, and size exclusion chromatography. For all your protein production and purification services, we have the right strategies, systems, and expertise to deal with your request.

Protein Production Service

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