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When you’re thinking of Phoenix rehab, you must think about the golden standard in patient care and the best addiction treatments on the market. That is precisely what we, at Scottsdale Recovery, represent. We bring rigorous and efficient treatment programs, science-based holistic procedures, and utmost care to our patients.

How can addicted athletes receive treatment?

Athleticism represents the peak of human physical potential, and people who aspire to be the best often feel much pressure on this path. On the road to becoming the best, there is a lot of suffering and pressure. This leads many athletes on the road to substance abuse. Whether you’re a former or current athlete, substance abuse affects you all the same, and you need to do something about it.

The ideal thing you can do is search for a professional detox facility to escape your dependence. Alcohol or drug abuse, it doesn’t matter as long as our treatment encompasses personalized treatments for both afflictions. Going through detox will be a transforming experience because, at the end of it, you’ll experience no more withdrawal symptoms. Half of your journey toward sobriety will be complete.

Athletes tend to become addicted

The main reason why athletes are susceptible to alcohol or drug addiction is retirement. When they eventually have to abandon their dreams, it all boils down to emotional turmoil and a lack of purpose. The transition from a life of competitiveness and sportsmanship to a normal lifestyle often leads to addiction.

To counter the loss of a lifetime of dreams and cravings, athletes end up wallowing in the arms of drugs or alcohol. This might even degenerate into mental illness or psychological issues later down the road. The only solution they have is to undergo an intense rehab treatment that can help them regain their identity. Moreover, psychotherapy and counseling are paramount when it comes to athletes who suffer from addiction.

Recover from a co-occurring disorder

Dually diagnosed patients are in a much more precarious position than normal addicts. This is because they suffer from both drug or alcohol addiction and psychological issues simultaneously. The proper treatment for such patients is entirely different from your typical rehab.

More specifically, our Phoenix rehab concentrates on providing simultaneous treatment for addiction and mental issues. We want to approach both problems with a comprehensive treatment plan, to successfully treat the patient in due time. This is also important because it helps in preventing future relapsing.

What is the best long-term treatment for addiction?

One of the essential things about addiction treatment is how complete it is. In other words, it’s vital to know whether it provides long-term assurances against addiction or not. Fortunately, our Phoenix rehab center revolves around the simple idea that long-term treatment is indispensable to our patients.

In other words, our rehab programs work for you both in the present and the future. Scottsdale Recovery ensures the continued support of our best experts in your fight against addiction and its repercussions on your body.

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