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Where to find Medical Assistant Schools Near me in Los Angeles

Having a degree in medical assistance can be a challenge with so many schools to choose from. This medical career is in great demand just like the need for nurses in the USA.

Here at Regan Career Institute, a medical assistant schools near me in Los Angeles gives you the flexibility to choose an online-based program.

What is a Medical Assistant

Working as a medical assistant or a healthcare assistant lets you work alongside a doctor, generally in an outpatient facility such as clinics and medical offices. Medical assistance is one of the fast-growing careers in the USA. This is because of the surge in the number of physician’s clinics and offices. Also, medical assistants are needed in the development of laboratory clinics that dedicates in technological advancements and the growing American elders who need medical treatment.

What are the tasks of a Medical Assistant

The medical assistant performs a routine of task and procedure in preparing a patient, giving rooms, documenting a patient’s medical record and current health complaint. They will also measure the patient’s vital signs and assist the doctor in preparation for minor surgery. They also collect specimens such as blood, tissues, uring and prepare of packaged them for in house or outside lab testing. Keeping an accurate record of the patient’s visit and other communications, vaccines, and health injections are also part of their job.

Medical assistants must also be familiar with State regulations and laws to avoid any medical malpractices that can get them in trouble.

There are mainly two duties for a Medical Assistant - Administrative and Clinical duties. Administrative duties include but not limited to using computer applications, answering phones, updating and filing medical records of patients, greeting patients, filing and coding insurance forms, and scheduling appointments. They also arrange hospital admission, laboratory services, handling correspondence, bookkeeping, and billing.

Clinical duties require taking medical histories, explain treatment and procedures to patients, prepare patients for examination, collect and prepare laboratory tests, and assist the physician during exams. They also perform basic laboratory tests, giving medical and special diet instructions to patients, and prepare and administer medications as directed by the doctor. Additionally, they also transmit prescription refills as directed, draw patients blood, take electrocardiograms, and remove sutures an change dressings.


To measure the competency of a medical assistant, professional certification is required for an entry-level job. These certifications are optional, although the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) and other certification bodies highly encouraged them. Most employers prefer to hire a certified medical assistant.

There are different organizations that can certify you as a medical assistant. The certification is administered through an examination given by the National Board of Medical Examiner. This certification can be taken online at a computer-based testing center throughout the year. Eligibility for (AAMA) certification requires you to complete a course through an ABHES or CAAHEP accredited medical assisting program.

We, at Regan Career Institute, is ABHES-accredited and offers medical assistant schools near me in Los Angeles.

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