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We all know the terrible, draining feeling of not getting a good night’s sleep the following day. If you toss and turn a lot in your sleep, it may be time to change your mattress. Sterling Sleep Systems produces a range of healthcare mattresses with advanced material technology to provide sturdy, yet comfortable support.

Why would you need a healthcare mattress?

If you experience chronic back problems or bad posture, it may be because you sleep in an inadequate position without you even realizing it. Do you feel uncomfortable when you sleep or spend the night tossing and turning? If you feel sore or experience aching in several parts of your body, your mattress may be to blame.

The cheapest and most common standard mattress type are the ones with inner springs. While they provide sturdy support, they’re not very flexible and can be quite bulky. You need a mattress that conforms gently to your body, and there are many innovative materials available today that do this, such as memory foams.

You’ve probably heard the myth that a firmer mattress is always better. There’s really no one solution for everyone; we all have different bodies. An ideal mattress should keep your spinal alignment neutral. It should be not too soft that your hips sink, causing your back to curve, but not too firm that it presses against your back while you sleep.

Health conditions requiring a healthcare mattress 

The lack of proper sleep can cause or aggravate countless health conditions. An uncomfortable mattress is a substantial contributing factor to a poor sleep quality for so many people. Studies have shown that reducing sleep by just one hour has significant effects on your ability to learn and retain new information, reaction times, and mood.

Bad mattresses can put unnecessary pressure on certain joints or muscles, so this can cause serious pain for people suffering from arthritis. Healthcare mattresses help to relieve pressure on joints, thus reducing soreness. People with chronic lower back or neck pain would obviously benefit a lot from healthcare mattresses too.

A healthcare mattress can indirectly help with conditions, too, by reducing stress and offering quality sleep. For example, for people with fibromyalgia, poor sleep can affect certain parts of the brain. If a mattress is hard to clean and is perfect for dust mites, it can worsen conditions like asthma.

How do you choose a good healthcare mattress?

Going to a shop and trying is really the best way to determine if a mattress is for you. Though more expensive, foam mattresses are usually better than innerspring ones as they offer better conformation to your body.

If you have someone bedridden while recovering from an illness, hygiene is very crucial. The mattresses should be easy to clean and should not attract dust mites, bed bugs, or ants.

Are you looking for great healthcare mattresses that offer great spinal support? Our mattresses from Sterling Sleep Systems use advanced materials to create a comfortable, relaxed, and breathable structure.

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Healthcare Mattresses

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