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Doctors Answering Service

After a 48 hour shift, all a doctor wants to do is to go home and crawl under the sheets alone and undisturbed for the next 10 hours at least. He will forgo food and company. Family relationships and even intimate personal relationships will suffer if they have not been informed and prepared beforehand that they will all have to take a backseat to sleep.

But is this possible? Patients these days are so paranoid by the huge mountains of information available at their fingertips. Many want to have their doctor on hand to check and recheck for each possibility. The only solution would be a specialized doctors answering service that would serve as a gateway between the two parties.

So what should a doctor look for when choosing among the not so narrow array of available doctors answering service?

Customer Loyalty

One of the best clues is customer loyalty. Find a service that readily declares that the doctors who register with their service stay with their service. This is an indication of satisfactory service if ever there was one.

Guaranteed Privacy

Another factor to look into is a privacy guarantee. Of course, this is given for all doctors answering service. This is one of the main reasons why doctors get a service. In a way, doctors are rock stars, and if their patients knew where they lived or where they usually have breakfast, chances are there would be patients lined up to accost them by trying to wrangle a free consultation.


Doctors should also look for doctors answering service that complies with government standards, particularly the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. The HIPAA lays down the guidelines for The Privacy Rule. It says who can have access to each individuals’ health information and how it is used. This might seem to be something geared for a patient’s protection only. But in such a litigious society, it extends to the doctor as well.

Meat of the Service

And then comes the meat of the service. A doctors answering service should guarantee precision regarding communicating information and concerns from patients and instructions from doctors. If the information is incomplete, a preliminary diagnosis could be counter-productive. And if dosage veers from doctor’s instructions by even a tiny bit, it could lead to disastrous results. In other words, precision could spell the difference between life and death.

Multi-lingual Service

It would be best, too if a doctors answering service provided a multi-lingual service for patients whose English are still not as it should be. Again, this will matter concerning delivering precise information to and from the doctor and patient.


Finally, physicians will consider the expense if they choose to use a doctors answering service. A patient’s calls can be long-winded. And one who is on the verge of or already in the middle of a panic attack will not stop until there is an assurance that the doctor has been informed of his or her condition.

The best kind of doctors answering service will have a flat rate no matter the lengths and number of calls made by his patients.

Doctors Answering Service