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Doctor Answering Service

Finding the right doctor answering service is not as easy as it sounds. Not all systems are created equal and many that are out there can leave you feeling less than fulfilled. When it comes to meeting the needs of medical facilities and their staff, nothing is as effective as CADUSYS.

Discover what so many other medical agencies have already found out- CADUSYS Professional Voice Messaging is the most trusted doctor answering service out there today; being physician designed & operated exclusively for the medical profession, CADUSYS aims to help improve your practice’s communications, reduce operating costs of your facility and enhance the level of patient care you offer.

Want to learn more? Simply visit online at, where you’ll find everything you want to know and more about the leading doctor answering service that was designed to free up more of your staff’s time, save your facility money and conserve valuable resources. If you decide you like what you see, you can enjoy same day set up and same day activation. Just call 888-CADUSYS now to speak with a knowledgeable agent who can answer your questions and get you set up. CADUSYS offers:

- Temporary mailboxes for reporting test results. During your office encounter with your patient, simply provide them with the means to access their confidential test results within the CADUSYS system. At their convenience, the patient can call the number, enter the mailbox number and password and listen to the results of their test. Confirmation of receipt is sent daily to your email address for documentation.

- Doctor answering service. When a patient calls your office after hours, they will be forwarded to your PVM CADUSYS mailbox. CADUSYS will process the call and notify you by means of the method you prefer, whether that is via land line, cell phone or pager.

- Medical communication tool. With CADUSYS, you will be able to enjoy a higher level of communication, through sharing information with colleagues or between referring and consulting physicians. Communicate with all of your associates or with a select number, all with a single message.

Clients love that CADUSYS was designed specifically for use in the medical profession, employing a wide range of features that are necessary for communications in the medical industry, including:

- No special equipment is ever needed to use the CADUSYS program, and it allows total programmability to meet a variety of scheduling needs.
- User programming is eliminated through a series of pre-set programs. The user simply selects from a set of pre-defined conditions.
- User interfacing takes place exclusively through a tough-tone phone
- Extremely fast ISDN lines
- Updates happen seamlessly without interrupting the operation of your system.

There’s never been a better time to find out what a doctor answering service can do to save your facility in monthly costs and free up valuable time for your staff. Call CADUSYS now at 888-CADUSYS to learn more or visit to see pricing, read through real-client testimonials and learn why CADUSYS is the leading answering service for medical facilities.