Addiction Treatment St Louis

Falling victim to substance addiction can happen literally overnight. Regaining your freedom can last months, years, or a lifetime of struggle. At Midwest Institute for Addiction, we are here to show you the light beyond the darkness of despair.

We understand your suffering. We have many patients who’ve gone through the same level of pain, confusion, and despair that you’re experiencing right now. Now is your chance to break free. Our addiction treatment in St Louis ranks among the leading rehab programs in the business, thanks to its innovation and long-term reliability.

We have a different take on the substance rehabilitation program, unlike most of the other rehab centers. Our strategy includes:

Detoxification and Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Although the detoxification program is vital when fighting the symptoms of withdrawal, its benefits are rather temporary. Without a sustained and robust follow-up, your chances for relapse will increase significantly. Unfortunately, many rehab centers limit their detox procedures to the standard several days, without any real long-term follow-up.

Our outpatient program relies on continuous assistance and aftercare, to ensure a faster recovery rate. We offer between four to six weeks of chemical detox for alcohol addiction and up to eight weeks when it comes to opioids. The duration will vary even further, depending on the nature of the substance you’ve been using.

Individualized care and support

People have different needs because they function biologically and psychologically differently. Our ultimate goal is to improve the quality of your life, which means we need to use a patient-tailored approach for a plus of efficiency.

This strategy works both when it comes to the MAT, as well as to the behavioral therapies and emotional healing sessions. This is what makes our addiction treatment in St Louis one of the most effective ones in the long run – it allows you to recover at your own pace and in your own manner.

Dealing with the pain

Many rehab facilities only deal with physical pain indirectly, during the medically-assisted detox process. But we know that’s nowhere near enough. In many cases, patients may experience levels of chronic pain that go beyond what’s normal. In other situations, it’s the physical suffering that has led them to the path of drug or alcohol abuse.

Our pain management program focuses on not only the immediate relief but on the long-term recovery as well. To make sure that pain will no longer be a problem for you, our experts will go straight to the roots of it. With the help of modern techniques and procedures, along with the state-of-the-art equipment, we’ll make sure to identify and treat any co-occurring disorder responsible for your suffering.

Our addiction treatment in St Louis is unique in terms of effectiveness and reliability. Substance addiction is a potentially lethal disorder. If you experience symptoms of withdrawal, contact us, at the Midwest Institute for Addiction immediately! Join our outpatient rehab program, and your life will change for the better in no time!

Addiction Treatment St Louis